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BEST BOOKS OF THE MONTH Behold the Dreamers

by Imbolo Mbue (Goodreads Author)

Jende Jonga, a Cameroonian immigrant struggling to improve life for his family, takes a job as chauffeur for Clark Edwards, a Lehman Brothers executive. Then the financial crisis hits, upending the lives and dreams of all.

More The Nix

by Nathan Hill (Goodreads Author)

Samuel—a bored teacher, frustrated novelist, and online gaming addict—must investigate the life of his absent mother, a militant radical who abandoned him as a child, in this novel about family, activism, and Norwegian ghosts.

More The Hike

by Drew Magary (Goodreads Author)

Suburban family man Ben goes hiking on a business trip and finds himself trapped in a terrifying realm of demons and killer giants (plus a profane crustacean). Now he's on a life-or-death quest to return home.