• MeatHeads Free Metal Pick Ups

    Free metal pick ups and Free appliance pick ups


    At absolutely no cost to you! We will pick up your unwanted, discarded, left behind, metal objects.

    You are just an E-mail or phone call away from an absolute  Free Metal Pick Up service

    Just contact us and we will solve your Free Metal Pick Ups problem, its quick and easy. 


    And the best part is that we recycle it all for free

    We've been recycling Free Metal Pick Ups over 10 years now.
    We provide a free service for the public and industry.
    and are capable of all jobs big or small with all tools and bins

    equipment necessary 2 complete the job competently and efficiently

    please call or e mail for info or just general questions thank u...


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    Thursday, 26 May 2016
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