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The actress and author returns to the beginning of Star Wars—and talks about her secret affair with costar Harrison Ford in the memoir The Princess Diarist.

More than 3.5 million votes were cast to determine your 2016 Goodreads Choice Awards! Check out the winners (and the runners-up) in fiction, mystery, romance, science fiction, and many more categories. Add any titles you may have missed to your Want to Read list!

The Goodreads Choice Awards Best Romance winner for It Ends with Us picks some of her favorite modern-day love stories.

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The author of Adulthood Is a Myth and the Goodreads Choice Awards winner for Best Graphic Novel shares her books for those with arrested development.

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Her You Can't Touch My Hair was a Goodreads Choice Awards humor finalist. Now she shares her favorite pop culture books to give this holiday.

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The children's book author, whose book They All Saw a Cat was a Goodreads Choice Awards finalist, tells us which picture books he'll be giving as presents this year and why.

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Her book I'm Judging You: The Do-Better Manual was a Goodreads Choice Awards finalist for humor. Here she again tells it like it is.

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The Debut Author winner of the Goodreads Choice Awards talks about her first young adult novel and finding her inner gunslinger in Rebel of the Sands.

In these never-before-published short stories, filmmaker and fiction writer Kathleen Collins explores issues of race, gender, and sexuality. Written before her untimely death in 1988, Collins's stories are as relevant today as ever. More

The bestselling author turns his attention to the true story behind the Nobel Prize-winning theory of how we make decisions, depicting the work of two psychologists who uncovered new patterns of human irrationality. More

This Swedish thriller—the first solo novel from Grebe—has been compared with Paula Hawkins's and Jo Nesbo's work. The plot follows the investigation into a grisly murder: A woman is found beheaded in a business tycoon's home. More

by Brian Jay Jones (Goodreads Author)

This unauthorized biography will increase your appreciation for the legendary filmmaker who brought us Star Wars and Pixar. The book features insights from the director's colleagues and competitors, offering intriguing glimpses into his life. More

In this little-known true story, Sobel looks at the landmark accomplishments of a group of women in the burgeoning field of astronomy. The account of these Harvard women includes excerpts from their letters and diaries. More

by Rebekah Crane (Goodreads Author)

When 16-year-old Zander is sent off to a summer camp for at-risk teens, unlikely friendships form during group "share-apy" sessions and forbidden outings. Ultimately this YA novel is about hope amid extreme difficulties. More

Want your words to reach millions of people? Goodreads and the ¡POETRY! group have partnered to host an ongoing poetry contest. Join the ¡POETRY! group and vote each month to pick a winner from among the finalists. You can also submit a poem for consideration. Here is this month's winner! Waking in Trump's America

by Jan Steckel (Goodreads Author) The Statue of Liberty's arm is tired.

She may have torn her rotator cuff.

She still has dual citizenship,

wonders if her passport is in order.

She imagines lowering her arm,

dousing the torch in the harbor,

boiling the sea and seething Ellis Island.

Friends, look at the person next to you.

Put your arm around their shoulder.

Help them keep that torch in the air.

Tell them you'd never turn them in.

We're the resistance now.

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