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The author of the Twilight series is back! Meyer tells us how she embraced her inner fangirl and used Jason Bourne as inspiration for her new spy thriller, The Chemist.

The Pulitzer Prize-winning author weaves together his family's own history with world history in Moonglow, a novel-disguised-as-memoir about truth, lies, and mythology.

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Big characters can come in small packages. Come of age (once again) with these recs from The Fate of the Tearling author.

Johansen suggests:

Calling all movie buffs! The author of I'll Take You There shares his picks about Hollywood secrets, legends, and more.

Lamb suggests:

Founded by author Wish You Well Foundation aims to improve literacy rates in the United States by supporting nonprofits.

Pregnant detective Gemma Monroe works to solve the ghoulish death of a circus clown in Inherit the Bones, a riveting mystery debut set in a remote Colorado town.

Two girls who dream of becoming dancers forge a complex childhood friendship that colors their adult lives in Smith's fifth literary novel, an ambitious exploration of connection, music, global politics, race, class, and time. More

by Sarah Gristwood (Goodreads Author)

In 16th-century Europe many of the most powerful players were women. Gristwood takes a historical look at the ingenuity of the queens and female regents who kept the sisterhood alive while facing extraordinary challenges. More

Born to a white father and a black mother in apartheid-era South Africa, Noah's very existence was evidence of a crime. In 18 heartfelt, often comic, personal essays, The Daily Show host recounts his tumultuous early life. More

by Robert Harris (Goodreads Author)

Step behind the locked doors of the Sistine Chapel in this engrossing thriller. The pope is dead, and the world's most secretive election is about to begin. Will the next seventy-two hours bring redemption to the church…or chaos? More

by Selina Siak Chin Yoke (Goodreads Author)

In this historical fiction novel, Chye Hoon is a woman of mixed Chinese and Malayan descent who struggles with her identity.

As Wester

influences lure her children away, she fears losing that precious heritage. More

by Neal Shusterman (Goodreads Author)

In an immortal world the only way to die is to be killed by a reaper, or scythe. Citra and Rowan must compete for the role of scythe's apprentice, a ruthless fight where the winner must kill the loser, in this dystopian tale for teens. More

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by M. Flynn Ragland But she had loved unwritten things instead,

I pondered as night's windows filled with gray

and all the things the rain had left unsaid.

To live not of the heart but of the head

has been my curse, each memo to its tray,

but she had loved unwritten things instead.

That such unlikes, by wry chance, should be wed!

What, in this voiceless autumn's disarray,

of all the things the rain has left unsaid,

but walks that road, kneels in the flashing red,

as if she would awaken where she lay,

for she had loved unwritten things instead.

Who knows where noon's flecked sidewalks might have led

had I let schedules look the other way?

And all the things the rain has left unsaid

might have voice still, the A string that was dead,

the improvised sonatas she would play,

for she had loved unwritten things instead,

and all the things the rain has left unsaid.

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