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81 years ago, on 31st of August, comrade Alexey Stakhanov set a record by mining 102 tonnes of coal in 5 hours and 45 minutes, which was equal to 14 times of his quota. From that day on, many countries celebrate the Miner's Day every last Sunday of August. This day is a celebration of labor valor and will to achieve more than required, pushing oneself to the limits, reaching new heights. 
This day may not be well known globally, but is of great importance to us, as we always seek to do our best when it comes to our services. 

To share the spirit with you, we are enrolling a 15% discount on all hashrate purchases. 

Use the code HF16MDALL15 before the 5th of September and make sure get ready for more awesome news soon!

HashFlare.io Team 

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  • Detailed statistics
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