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The picture is accompanied by this detailed statement by the artist: "The work 'The Sleepers' was inspired by my personal insomnia. I took photos of my friends in their sleep. To do this, the room and bed were lined in black and the naked sleepers were illuminated only by a candle. Each photo was exposed for as long as the candle burnt. The result - the duration of sleep - is captured in a single frame, the time of sleeping bundled in the metamorphosis of their sleep movements, a partly auratic and partly grotesque accumulation of body fragments, the time lapse of which cannot be reconstructed. In these photos lies a paradox. What we subconsciously experience in our sleep is rendered real without us being able to recollect it." – Meanwhile, Facebook's "Operation Manual For Live Content Moderators" has been made available on the Internet, revealing surprising details about their "no nudity, no pornography" policy. It would seem, however, that in this case the Life Content Moderator did not understand the deleted photograph – or he/she hasn't read the manual down as far as point 8: Art nudity ok.
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