You can't promote events in a certain town in the north on...

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You can't promote events in a certain town in the north on Facebook...

Nicholas Reilly for 4 Apr 2016 7:43 pm

It’s bad news if you’re from Scunthorpe and hoping to promote an event in the Lincolnshire town on Facebook.

Try to promote a post that merely mentions the town’s name and you’ll find that it’s simply not possible because of anti-profanity filters.

It probably hasn’t escaped your attention that the most offensive word in the English language is buried within the town’s name, and it’s for this reason that Facebook is currently banning the posts.

The problem was first noticed by band October Drift who tried to promote a post about an upcoming gig in the town.

Speaking to The Independent, guitarist Dan Young said: ‘As a band we like to promote our shows via Facebook.

‘But Facebook has none of it when trying to boost the posts.’

Dan also described the automatic block as ‘so 90s’.

He added: ‘Back in the day it was like that on forums too, but the forum software providers and programmers sorted it.’

The bug was previously noticed by Facebook user Jon Jarman, who was attempting to promote a post that offered ‘Same day phone and tablet repairs in Scunthorpe.’

He wrote on Facebook: ‘My ad not approved because of the word Scunthorpe.

‘Seriously Facebook, are your algorithms written by 5 years olds?’

And while Facebook’s help team has since helped to clarify the site’s appeals process, Jon wasn’t happy.

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He said: ‘I don’t need to see what is and isn’t approved – there’s nothing wrong with the advert it’s just the fact that word Scunthorpe is in it,” he wrote. “As soon as I type the word ‘Scunthorpe’ I get an immediate warning that my ad contains inappropriate language.’

We all feel your pain, Scunthorpe.

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