Surrey shootings: RCMP announce five arrests

RCMP say they have arrested five people and seized 13 firearms in relation to a string of more than 30 shootings which have plagued Surrey in recent months.

Speaking at a press conference called to quell growing fears about a conflict police say is linked to the drug war, Surrey mayor Linda Hepner joined police leaders to promise an increase in resources to tackle the violence which has resulted in one death.

A bail hearing is set next week for two of the men charged with weapons offences in relation to what RCMP characterize as a low-level drug war.

Alex Blanarou and Robert Dennison are scheduled for a bail hearing on April 13. 

"We're going to make it very uncomfortable," said RCMP Asst. Commissioner Dan Malo. "You're going to change your behaviour, or we're going to change it for you."

Malo announced an influx of investigators and analysts to target the problem, which he said involves a battle for control of the street-level drug market.

He said the situation is very different from the type of high-level gang fights the Lower Mainland has seen in recent years. He said the players in the latest conflict were young men whose friends and family are turning a blind eye to their activities.

Malo said new resources would include the gang unit, monitor rooms, criminal and open source analysts, as well as community and educational support.

He said officers would also call on increased air support as well as the force's behavioural scientists to identify and deal with the people involved.

The RCMP's dog handling team have also been provided photographs of perpetrators and will spend their time focusing on those individuals.

Hepner said police would also have round-the-clock access to the city's network of traffic cameras, which have previously only been accessible during the city's working hours. Surrey also plans to add 75 new cameras, bringing the total to 400.

Surrey RCMP Chief Supt. Bill Fordy said the situation angered him, but assured the community that police were making progress.

To that end, he announced charges against three individuals, including Blanarou and Dennison. 

He said RCMP need the community to unite behind police to fight the problem of youth in the drug trade and announced a forum to be held next Monday to address the issue.​

Many of the shootings have taken place between cars at major city intersections. Police believe warring dial-a-dope gangs, mostly young men between age 17 and 24, are responsible.

A recent string of four shootings in four days, and 32 targeted shootings since since the beginning of the year, has put the city and its residents on edge.

Darlene Bowyer of the Surrey Association of Sustainable Communities says it's time all levels of government come together to find solutions.

"The community is tired of hearing that it's a targeted shooting and nobody's really at risk. Yes we are," said Bowyer. "This is our community. We have bullets flying in our  streets. Good grief, anyone can get hit."


This Gigantic Wooden Mountain May Be the Best Marble Run Ever

By John Wenz Apr 1, 2016 341 Share Tweet Text Share E-mail

In Kindergarten, we had Marble Run. It was the greatest thing. You could pile up a series of tubes, pipes, slopes, and curves to create an amazing way to get a marble to travel from the top to the bottom.

Ben Tardif has made the adult version of that. It's more amazing than I can fully fathom. At eight feet tall, the hand-built, electric powered Marble Mountain can haul marbles up to the top, letting them run down a course, jump over "ravines," make their way through MC Escher-esque staircases, and more.

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Tardif has spent years building the 25 part marble maze, and still says it's a work in progress—this video is the first time it's been close enough to completion to make an official marble run. It's kind of mind boggling to think what the actual end result will be.


Building a Clock from Scratch Is Complicated and Mesmerizing

By Eric Limer Apr 7, 2016 92 Share Tweet Text Share E-mail

Building a mechanical clock is a long, involved endeavor but Chris, who runsthe YouTube channel Clickspring, offers a fantastic look into every step of the process.

Starting all the way back in February of last year, Chris embarked on a journey to build an entire Large Wheel Skeleton Clock from scratch, using only home equipment. The entire (lengthy) series of videos is an incredibly detailed first hand look at how every minute hand and gear and cog needs to be precisely designed and machined in order to add up to a mechanism that actually functions. 

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If you have the time, you can watch the whole process from scratch, but the most recent video details some of the finishing touches and the assembly of the motion and hands: 

Seem complicated? Difficult? Sure. But if the guitarist from Anthrax can do it, I bet you could too.

$5,000 24-Carat Gold NES? Sure Why Not.

Author Copy Created with Sketch. By Joe Svetlik Apr 5, 2016

If you still own an original NES, chances are it's looking a little worse for wear. So why not eBay it and buy yourself a 24-carat gold version instead?

That's what Analogue is hoping you'll do, anyway. It's just released an insanely luxurious (and expensive) version of its Analogue Nt console, which is made using the same insides as the original NES.

That means it plays the original game cartridges, plus it plays games from any region and hooks up to your modern TV using an HDMI socket. It's completely unofficial, of course. Nintendo has nothing to do with it.

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The gold model will set you back a whopping $5,000. It's been released to tie in with the 30th anniversary of The Legend of Zelda. In fact, it even comes with the original gold-coloured Zelda game cartridge.

Only 10 units are going on sale, so if you want one, you'd better be quick. You have to email your order direct to Analogue Nt. 

Missed out? Not to worry. There are plenty of other ways to play old games that will let you save a few thousand dollars in the process.

Glorious Hacked Game Boy Uses a Special Cartridge With Hundreds of Games on It

By Eric Limer Apr 7, 2016 625 Share Tweet Text Share E-mail

Emulators are fantastic. With just a little bit of software, you can replicate every console that you had (and didn't have) on tiny pieces of very cheap hardware. Every 90s console on a Raspberry Pi? No problem. It's not quite the same as using old hardware though, which is a problem YouTuber wermy set out to solve by cramming a whole computer into a Game Boy's body

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While this gadget still looks like a Game Boy on the outside, it's very much computer on the inside with a Raspberry Pi Zero working as its brain. That's impressive enough in and of itself, but the best part is how wermy modded a Game Boy cartridge to function as a case for a regular MicroSD card that holds all the ROMs you have (legal ones, I hope) and rigged the Game Boy's cartridge port up to the Raspberry Pi's CPU. The end result is that you can load up a whole library of hundreds and hundreds of games by slapping in a cart, just like you used to. 

It is without a doubt a fantastic idea, and very similar to the equally awesome trick of making a 118 GB floppy disk. Because yes, modern technology is great when it comes to processing power and storage capacity, but nothing can beat the satisfying thunk of an old-school cart. 

Source: wermy via Sploid, Digg