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Watch Shows

Pure Porn> Pick one and Press Play
Pick Show Title> Pick which Episode and Season> Press Play..
I Use These Players For Computer and Android ( Flash Products )
I Use These Players For PlayStation and iPhone
WATCH FOR POP UPS (there not mine)
Some you just Hit the little x..(then some pop ups just close them with the red x button) then Press Play.
Different Players will do Different things\




To Edit Your Social Account

From the Social> Cursor over Profile Tab
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Current Profile Picture> Remove Profile Picture> Select File> Upload
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Select one of your videos to be featured on your profile. Click the "Set as Profile Video" button, to set it up as a profile video.
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Select one of your videos to be featured on your profile. Click the "Set as Profile Video" button, to set it up as a profile video.
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Mutual Friends

Mutual Friends

Display mutual friends of JomSocial


My Articles

My Articles

Articles plugin for JomSocial. Users will be able to display their recent articles.
My Contacts

My Contacts

Contact info for JomSocial. Users will be able to save information for multiple contacts and display them on their profile page.
JS Events

JS Events

Events plugin for JomSocial. Display upcoming and current events.
My Friends

My Friends

Friends info for JomSocial. View friends for user profile.
My Google Ads

My Google Ads

Google Ads application. Users will be able to insert their own Google Ads on their profile page.
My Groups

My Groups

View Jomsocial groups the user joined.
My Forum Posts

My Forum Posts

Kunena plugin for JomSocial. Users will be able to display their Kunena post.
My Tagged Videos

My Tagged Videos


My Ads.

 How to Post Ad
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UnCheck Display the map on my Ad ( The Ads are added to the larger map )
How to use gmap: 
  • Type in the Cross Streets, with the City, Province/State, Country and Press Go!
  • Use Drop Down Menu, to Select your City, Province/State or Country
  • Next Step> remove the Check Mark to display the map on my ad
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